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Our surveying team use the latest technology and industry methods to record fixed, mobile and wireless telecommunications data.
Twins communications surveyors have thorough knowledge and experience in aerial drone surveys, structural surveys, civils and diversion reworks. A critical part of any design is a thorough site survey to establish existing telecommunications assets across fixed, mobile and wireless infrastructures. That is why our work ranges from DSLAMs and CuRe surveys to multi-site and line of sight surveys for the 4G rollout.

The point of interconnection for new FTTH, cabinet electronics and power for mobile upgrades or fibre joints for wireless connectivity all have to be carefully assessed and recorded. Twins communications field surveyors have the capability and significant experience of designing and planning complex technical solutions to ensure the successful installation and commissioning of fibre cables and equipment. In addition, special event line of sight surveys can also be undertaken by our NRSWA trained and Arqiva accredited surveyors.

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