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Circuit Patching


Circuit Patching

Essentially Circuit patching is a straightforward process to plan and execute. Nevertheless, implemented incorrectly and without the required application. Could lead you to have a weak point in your network and adverse effect to your infrastructure.

To avoid any disastrous implications, it is crucial to follow the manufacturers’ specific procedures and followed by responsible industry practices when planning and installing fibre or copper circuit patching to deliver optimum performance and reliability.

Operations which can cause issues with performance include poor cable management, exceeding the bend radius, putting too much pressure on cables and connectors also overtightening cable fasteners on cable looms.

The principles of sound administration for fibre circuit patching are similar to those for copper cabling. There are specific situations with optical fibre, and extra care is needed in some sections. Utilizing the best practices at each stage will also reduce costs associated with Equipment Migrations.

The final measures are to ensure the labelling formats are accurate, complete the channel examination against the specification, including filling in the documentation and update the records as per build.


Twins Communications Circuit Patching services cover:
  • Patching Schedules
  • Channel Testing
  • Labelling
  • Fibre Circuit Patching
  • Copper Circuit Patching
  • Documentation
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