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COVID 19 Updates

The UK government states that telecommunications network companies, including Twins Communications, are crucial to the national infrastructure and has instructed companies to continue work on both construction and installations within the UK during Coronavirus lockdown.

Twins Communications continues to be updated daily on the newest medical advice, and our staff are fully trained to follow the latest hygiene standards to maintain a safe working environment for our staff and customers.


Twins Communications are key workers and will continue to support crucial telecommunication networks. Our build teams will be continuing their progress, in conjunction with our clients & the local council. However, some build schedules are subject to changes as we anticipate completing the work faster than expected.


Twins Communications team have the latest safety equipment and training as well as overseen by team leaders with extensive health and safety backgrounds. Our team leaders keep up to date with multiple briefings throughout the day as the Coronavirus situation changes at speed.

We make sure that all Twins Communications customer-facing teams are all fully equipped with the correct PPE (personal protection equipment which includes hygiene facilities, hand sanitisers). All of our equipment is also sanitised before and after use and when shared between teams.


All our staff members will have mandatory temperatures checks logged before going into their work environments. An anyone staff member who does not register their temperature checks will not be allowed to continue work.

Any staff member who records a temperature of 37.8C (100.4F) and above will be sent home immediately to self isolate for 14 days and provided with the correct contact details to seek medical advice. Twins Communications adhere to the government guidelines for COVID 19 pandemic at all times.