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Twins Communications delivers a range of fibre optic cabling solutions according to your system requirements, environment and budget.

 A fibre optic cable contains a couple of glass cores and every core is thinner than a human hair and can transmitting information via gentle waves and reaching more incredible transmission speeds over an extended distance.


Fibre optic cabling is widely utilised in technology and telecommunications as a result of its hefty bandwidth, and superior range in comparison to copper. Twins Communications offer a wide range of fibre optic cabling solutions from legacy OM1 through to the newer OM5 and OS2 specifications. Including OM1 OM2 OM3 OM4 OS1 OS2 in either internal or external environments. Our service engineers can provide network design and specification through to fully managed surveys and installations for a wide range of projects.

We provide fibre optic cabling installation to suit all requirements and functions in addition to delivering OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 standard fibre optic cables in internal or external environments.  Our team experience covers warehouse and external building installations in these type of environments powered access is widely used, and our field engineers are proficient in the installation and use of powered scissor and boom lifts.

If you require single-mode, fibre optics Twins Communications can install single-mode fibre optics in various applications internally and externally. 

 Furthermore, OS1 and OS2 fibre have a smaller internal core size compared to multimode fibre. Consequently, in many features, the installation of both OS1 and OS2 are the same.  If you are unsure on this requirement, our team will be able to advise you on a suitable solution for your environment, technology and networking requirements. To add OS1 fibre cables are usually found in audio-visual installations and long-distance connections.

The most common cable category is the multimode fibre which is the backbone found I commercial based installations—so choosing the correct and most suitable fibre optic cabling. Will ensure that you get the best performance from your IT infrastructure. The results of selecting the right fibre optic cabling are to increase productivity and effectiveness for your workforce and business growth. 

Installing Blown Fibre cabling provides the advantage of the expansion of additional network links through initial installation of blown fibre cabling ducts. Twins Communications provides design, advisory as well as installation of a full range of blown fibre cabling solutions. Also are field engineers can install empty ducting cable for broadband providers such as BT and Virgin to allow easier planning of works throughout commercial spaces. 


For your business to keep up to date and obtain high data transfers, fibre optic to desk applications is a must, and we see more companies adopting this setup. 



Twins Communications can offer you the choice to splice your existing fibre optic cable allowing the ability to extend or relocate without the need to re-run the entire cable length. We use industry-standard splice machines at a time to terminate new fibre optic cable installations to achieve minimal loss during the removing of joints. 




Twins Communications provides fibre optic cable testing for faulty and suspected broken fibre optic cabling. We can find the exact point of failure along the cable. We then enable a corrective splice to remove the need for new cabling and disruption to your business.





Twins Communications can provide surveys and installations at any time during a working week to suit our client’s needs and. Minimising disruption for your business and downtime for your IT infrastructure. 






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