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Security is more than just an alarm, and you should put safety at the forefront of your home and business. That is why we offer the latest in cutting-edge technology for your peace of mind. Twins Communications can provide you with effective solutions for integrated alarms, Door entry systems, biometric keyless entry and CCTV to keep your assets safe allowing you to focus on the finer things in life.


CCTV is the most common security feature to aid any business with increase protection. It also serves as a deterrent. We can provide various video surveillance options from wired and wireless IP/HD CCTV camera systems.


Twins Communications are multi-discipline and can advise, install and service a range of alarms, CCTV and security-related devices.

Door entry systems

Door entry systems and access control systems enable you to control who has access to your building via electronic devices or an internet-based methods. This type of technology allows you to give access without having to wait for the keyholder.

Integrated alarms

Enhanced the security of your home and business, we are specialist in consulting and installation of both integrated and remote alarms systems.

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